Sunday Evening Music Among Friends
Date(s): 22/02/2015 to 23/12/2018 , Every last Sunday of the month at 7.30pm
Full ticket price: £14
Concession ticket price: £10

In the ideally intimate setting of the mediaeval Colour House Theatre at Merton Abbey Mills, Sunday Evening Music Among Friends, now in its nineteenth year, is a monthly series of informal chamber concerts in which both seasoned professionals and gifted young players perform the music they love for your and their own …

Comedy Club
Date(s): 28/09/2018 to 29/03/2019 , Friday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £5

Our comedy club every last Friday of the month @ 8pm! Stand-Up!   Improvisation!   Sketches!   Music! Entry just £5! Why not start the weekend in style and come on down?     FRIDAY 26th October 2018  It’s Comic-toberfest! Time to get drunk on laughs and high on happiness …

Wizard of Oz
Date(s): 8/9/2018 to 11/11/2018 , Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and 4pm
Full ticket price: £12
Concession ticket price: £10

Join us over the rainbow in Oz, as we travel with Dorothy along the Yellow Brick Road, all the way to the Emerald City. With the Wicked Witch of the West hot on her trail, Dorothy will need all the help she can get from her new found friends! Will …

Colour House Improv
Date(s): 27/10/2018 to 26/01/2019 , Saturday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £10

Colour House Improv! With Alan Marriott and Friends… Join improv veteran Alan Marriott and a team of seasoned improv stars for a once a month night of off-the-cuff mirth and madness! Using only audience suggestions, bravery, a sizeable chunk of pure silliness and an hour and a half of time, …

Date(s): 2/11/2018 to 2/11/2018 , Friday Night at 7.30pm
Full ticket price: £1

Colour House Theatre’s new resident bar – JPP BAR – hosts a Pub Quiz on Friday 2nd November. 1st PRIZE – £50 AT THE BAR!

Dave Ferra and Nigel Feist
Date(s): 04/11/2018 to 04/11/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £8

Dave Ferra is an English acoustic bluesman with a positive flair and grasp of the tradition that shines through on each successive track in this thirteen-track offering. Around half of the album is self-penned by Ferra, with the addition of covers of John Newton’s Too Many Dirty Dishes, a song …

Jack and the Beanstalk
Date(s): 24/11/2018 to 27/01/2019 , Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and 4pm
Full ticket price: £12
Concession ticket price: £10

This festive season the iconic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk returns for our 24th Pantomime! Jack’s in big trouble when he comes home with a pocket full of magic beans instead of gold in return for his cow, Daisy. Furious, Jack’s Mum throws the worthless beans into the garden, …

Blue Hayz Band
Date(s): 02/12/2018 to 02/12/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £7

Blue Hayz have been gigging since 2010, but have all know each other for years as musicians! Bass guitarist and lead vocals Ed Dowthwaite has played in bands such as Airport and Roadrunner Blues. Drummer Terry Hotston brings his unique humour and wit to make the gigs that extra bit …

John Verity Band
Date(s): 08/12/2018 to 08/12/2018 , Saturday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £10
Concession ticket price: £10

John Verity began his music career in the early 1960’s, playing guitar in various local groups around his home town of Bradford, Yorkshire, until he was offered a full time gig with a pro band the ‘Richard Kent Style’. Soon gigging – sometimes twice a night, 7 nights a week all across …

Beauty and the Beast
Date(s): 9/2/2019 to 14/4/2019 , Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and 4pm
Full ticket price: £12
Concession ticket price: £10

Many years ago a wicked witch put a spell on an arrogant young prince, turning him into a hideous Beast. The spell can only be broken if the Beast learns to love and be loved in return, before a magical rose loses its final petal. Years later in a nearby …

Alice in Wonderland
Date(s): 27/4/2019 to 30/6/2019 , Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and 4pm
Full ticket price: £12
Concession ticket price: £10

When young Alice falls down a rabbit hole she doesn’t expect to find herself in a mad magical world. A ribbit who’s late for a very important date, a smiling cat, two very silly twins and a tea party hosted by a Mad Hatter are just a few of the …

T-Rextasy Unplugged
Date(s): 24/08/2019 to 24/08/2019 , Saturday Night at 8pm
Full ticket price: £15

T-Rextasy return to Colour House Theatre for the sixth consecutive year!   PLEASE NOTE: No reserve tickets.  All payments for tickets must be immediate upon booking.  No refunds under any circumstances.    ‘T.Rextasy Unplugged’ brings you the songs of Marc Bolan played acoustically and sung by Danielz (lead singer and …