Sunday Evening Music Among Friends
Date(s): 22/02/2015 to 23/12/2018 , Every last Sunday of the month at 7.30pm
Full ticket price: £14
Concession ticket price: £10

In the ideally intimate setting of the mediaeval Colour House Theatre at Merton Abbey Mills, Sunday Evening Music Among Friends, now in its nineteenth year, is a monthly series of informal chamber concerts in which both seasoned professionals and gifted young players perform the music they love for your and their own …

Simon Prager & Doc Stenson LIVE
Date(s): 06/05/2018 to 06/05/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £8

Sunday 6th May marks the return of acoustic guitar wizards Simon Prager and Kevin “Doc” Stenson! Simon Prager (vocals/guitar) and Doc Stenson (vocals/guitar/harmonica) play an exciting mixture of acoustic music from the country blues (Ragtime of Blind Blake, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee and Rev Gary Davis), early city blues …

Cream of Hendrix
Date(s): 12/05/2018 to 12/05/2018 , Saturday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £10
Concession ticket price: £10

This band oozes the authenticity of musicians well versed in the music of Jimi Hendrix  and Cream. Evoking the spirit of the era, this is a show of the highest quality, that you will not easily forget!  

Catfish LIVE
Date(s): 03/06/2018 to 03/06/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £8
Concession ticket price: £8

British Blues Award winners Catfish have carved a reputation for themselves as an excellent live band with a phenomenal frontman in 23 year old guitarist/vocalist Matt Long who plays with a real passion for the blues.  Over 2 years they received 5 nominations in the British Blues Awards and they …

Dial Up
Date(s): 09/06/2018 to 09/06/2018 , Saturday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £10

  Alex Williams Sings… The Great American Songbook! Join vocalist Alex Williams for a night of pure pleasure as he escorts you through an evening of fantastic melodies from the worlds of Broadway, Hollywood and Tin Pan Alley, with a touch of the West End thrown in for good measure! …

Crossfire ft. Marcus Prestguaard
Date(s): 1/7/2018 to 1/7/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £8

Crossfire ft. Marcus Prestguaard   A night of 5* Blues at The Colour House Theatre!

Storm Warning
Date(s): 14/07/2018 to 14/07/2018 , Saturday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £10
Concession ticket price: £10

UK blues band Storm Warning playing interesting original contemporary blues and blues standards played the Storm Warning way.

T-Rextasy Unplugged
Date(s): 18/08/2018 to 18/08/2018 , Saturday Night at 7.30pm
Full ticket price: £12

T. Rextasy return to The Colour House Theatre for a fifth consecutive year! ‘T.Rextasy Unplugged’ brings you the songs of Marc Bolan played acoustically and sung by Danielz (lead singer and lead guitarist with the world’s only official tribute band to Marc Bolan & T.Rex, that is T.Rextasy), accompanied by …

Voodoo Sheiks LIVE
Date(s): 02/09/2018 to 02/09/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £8
Concession ticket price: £8

Vibrant, is an excellent word to describe the cranked up and cranked out hugely entertaining Voodoo Sheiks.  The Sheiks are right in the groove and carve out some serious classic sounding R&B.  There is no time to draw breath with these guys as they deliver pile driving guitar barrelling along …

Malaya Blue
Date(s): 7/10/2018 to 7/10/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £8

Malaya Blue has been a singer-songwriter for most of her life and the music that she produces reflects her experiences. Passionate, articulate and sensual, her soulful voice delivers the emotion of the lyrics with great feeling and sensitivity. Malaya started her musical journey as a child singing gospel music in …

Dave Ferra and Nigel Feist
Date(s): 04/11/2018 to 04/11/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £8

Dave Ferra is an English acoustic bluesman with a positive flair and grasp of the tradition that shines through on each successive track in this thirteen-track offering. Around half of the album is self-penned by Ferra, with the addition of covers of John Newton’s Too Many Dirty Dishes, a song …

Jenny Wren and her Borrowed Wings
Date(s): 10/11/2018 to 10/11/2018 , Saturday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £7
Concession ticket price: £7

Powerful emotional vocals delivered with an open hearted honesty, supported by a heartbeat bass and dancing dirt road guitars. A UK trio playing original music with gusto, intuitive togetherness and impressive musicianship. Innovative combinations of musical influences drawn from the very best parts of the Roots/Americana music traditions. ‘To listen …

Blue Hayz Band
Date(s): 02/12/2018 to 02/12/2018 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £7

Blue Hayz have been gigging since 2010, but have all know each other for years as musicians! Bass guitarist and lead vocals Ed Dowthwaite has played in bands such as Airport and Roadrunner Blues. Drummer Terry Hotston brings his unique humour and wit to make the gigs that extra bit …

John Verity Band
Date(s): 08/12/2018 to 08/12/2018 , Saturday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £10
Concession ticket price: £10

John Verity began his music career in the early 1960’s, playing guitar in various local groups around his home town of Bradford, Yorkshire, until he was offered a full time gig with a pro band the ‘Richard Kent Style’. Soon gigging – sometimes twice a night, 7 nights a week all across …