Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty Image 2
Date(s): 22/04/2017 to 25/07/2017
Day(s): Saturday and Sunday
Time: 2pm and 4pm
Full ticket price: £12
Concession ticket price: £10
£1.50 online booking fee

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As the King and Queen celebrate the birth of their beautiful baby Princess Aurora, an evil Green Fairy casts a spell on the new-born, stating that when she reaches 16 years of age she will prick her finger on a spindle and die! However, the royal’s close friend, Pink Fairy uses her special powers to change the nasty spell, stating that the Princess will not die but instead sleep for 100 years. As Aurora’s 16th Birthday comes around the evil Green Fairy makes sure the Princess pricks her finger and the entire kingdom sleeps…..

Now, can a handsome Prince save the day and finally wake the Sleeping Beauty? Find out in this enchanting musical for ages 3-103!

£10 concession ticket = Children

PLEASE NOTE: This show features Strobe Lighting.

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