The Princess and the Toad
Date(s): 3/04/2017 to 7/04/2017
Day(s): Monday-Friday
Time: 11am & 2.30pm
Full ticket price: £10
Concession ticket price: £8
£1.50 online booking fee

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Some years ago, award winning BBC drama producer Gordon House was sitting on a train, listening in to a conversation on an adjoining seat. A mother was telling her daughter the plot of The Princess and the Frog – how one kiss from the glamorous Princess turns the frog into a handsome Prince, whom she then marries and they live happily ever after.   “But what if he didn’t want to marry her?” said the daughter, quite reasonably. “What if he preferred being a frog?”

This inspired suggestion has led to our special Easter Show The Princess and the Toad (toads being much more independent animals than frogs) – a must see for all children and childish adults!


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