Life After Shakespeare

Date(s): 6/08/2019 to 10/08/2019
Day(s): Tuesday - Saturday
Time: Tuesday - Friday 7.30pm | Saturday 3pm & 7.30pm
Full ticket price: £10
Concession ticket price: £8
£1.50 online booking fee

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Carlton Theatre Group presents (The Absurdity & Failure of) Life After Shakespeare

“It’s a cull to save the species, by which I mean the rest of us”

Wake, eat, work, sleep. Repeat.

The processes of the everyday exist to keep the mind sane and the body alive. Remove one part of the sequence and the rest will crash.

(The Absurdity and Failure of) Life After Shakespeare brings a unique vision to 2013’s modern classic Bull, Mike Bartlett’s ferocious portrayal of workplace politics, harassment and bullying, and to Michael Green’s Henry the Tenth (Part Seven), a hilarious riff on contemporary Shakespeare performance where seemingly everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Life After Shakespeare satirically questions the ability of productions of the bard’s cannon to successfully reflect the trends of the current cultural and social landscape, and the economic and mental consequences failures can have on those who work for the stage.

Directed by Jake Mills, (The Absurdity and Failure of) Life After Shakepeare will be performed at Colour House Theatre, Colliers Wood on 6-10th August 2019.

Amateur production in arrangement with Nick Hern Books and Samuel French.

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