Dan Burnett LIVE

Date(s): 04/08/2019 to 04/08/2019
Day(s): Sunday Night
Time: 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £10
£1.50 online booking fee

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Dan Burnett is a world-class singer and multi-instrumental musician. It’s in his blood.

He was spoon-fed soul, blues, funk, and rock music from an early age, and began learning to play after receiving a keyboard for his 3rd birthday. With his mother’s encouragement and father’s guidance, before his teens Dan was playing gigs throughout Yorkshire in his dad’s blues band – and from then on live performance became a way of life.

Dan’s father (Laurie Burnett) was a hugely respected guitarist who, in addition to leading various blues/rock bands, toured and recorded with members of David Bowie’s ‘Spiders from Mars’ in a spin-off band called ‘U-Boat’. In his early teens, Laurie’s passion for music was helped along with guitar tuition from his good friend, the legendary Mick Ronson.

Along with an average of 150-200 gigs per year, Dan is also a library music composer for film and TV. He has co-written and recorded music which featured on ‘Stolen’ (Nicolas Cage), and ‘Supernatural’ (USA TV series), among many others. Since 2014, Dan has been an international endorser of Kawai Pianos.

Notable events in 2018 include:

  • Tracks from ‘Small World EP’ included in Caffe Nero’s international playlist.
  • Became an official Spotify and Shazam artist.
  • Showcased nationally on BBC Radio’s ‘Georgey Tonight’ in January 2018 as ‘Artist of the week’, with the show reaching over 1.2m listeners.
  • Featured in national news publications, and on various radio shows with airplay and live interviews.

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