Beauty and the Beast

Date(s): 9/2/2019 to 14/4/2019
Day(s): Saturday and Sunday
Time: 2pm and 4pm
Full ticket price: £12
Concession ticket price: £10
£1.50 online booking fee

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Many years ago a wicked witch put a spell on an arrogant young prince, turning him into a hideous Beast. The spell can only be broken if the Beast learns to love and be loved in return, before a magical rose loses its final petal.

Years later in a nearby town, Belle is an ordinary girl. When her father gets lost in the scary woods he’s captured by the terrifying Beast. Belle finds the Beast’s castle and decides to exchange herself for her father’s freedom and becomes the Beasts new prisoner.

As the two find an unexpected bond, can love be found before the final petal drops?

Find out as Colour House presents the magical tale of the Beauty and the Beast…


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