Dave Raphael and Nick Hyde LIVE
Date(s): 7/5/2017 to 7/5/2017 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £7

An absolutely superb band! They have one of the best front men around in guitarist / vocalist Nick Hyde. Add in the harp mastery of David Raphael and a great back line in Steve Browning on bass and Bernie Fox on drums, and you have the formula for an excellent …

Roadhouse LIVE
Date(s): 4/6/2017 to 4/6/2017 , Sunday Night at 8.00pm
Full ticket price: £7

Roadhouse was formed in 1991 by Gary Boner and Robert.A.Roberts (past member) ably assisted throughout by the driving bass of Bill Hobley and the the powerful drumming of Roger Hunt. Seizing on an eclectic mix of influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Creedence Clearwater Revival, the band has developed a sound …